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An art booklet with hopeful ink sketches and words of self-care. I created this collection while I was preparing for my first solo art exhibition, in order to remind myself to gently sink into the present moment and take things as they come.  My dream is for my work to give others a moment to sigh, to expand self-empathy and invite their needs, wishes and fears in for a friendly conversation. Thanks for readings!



-32 pages

-Original artworks & thoughts (though very influenced and inspired by many thinkers and authors and life)

-Artwork created on 300GSM paper with waterproof ink.

-Paintings coloured in digitally after scanning.



My Little Book of Reminders

SKU: MFS - BL - 002
  • Scroll through, print out any page you like for personal use. Do not replicate or send around without written permission from me (please :)

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