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Saying no to forceful positive thinking yet recognizing glimmers when they come.

'Glimmers' have become a way to describe the windows of regulation, hope, and freedom that come up during the healing process. They can be seen as light hearted indications of the effectiveness of tiny steps that have been taken over and over again with particular intentions in mind.

The counter-part term 'trigger' is a popular word adopted from PTSD research regarding the intense flashbacks and unpredictable physiological responses to particular daily life events that survivors of war have to face.

When I was first introduced to grief stricken parts within I was no longer able to just "be positive" and fulfill my social role. Something I heard from many people at the time is to "let it go" or to "move on" or to "focus on the positive". All I can say for myself is creating positive moments is self trickery, a very fine art, but not sustainable.

Instead I focused on setting moment by moment intentions to remain in the present which opened me to witness playful joyful instances even in the midst of depression or anxiety. I don't try to be happy, grateful or focus on the positive, I try to breathe and be here for what's here.

What a relief to not have to create my mood and convince myself all the time. Glimmers come on their own when I strictly focus on my felt sense of safety in the present moment. There's really nothing to be done but breathe and relax my body, mind and heart and sit in the ever expanding.


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