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An art - health - nature - discovery - self mastery project
by Lisa Suchanek on her voyage of unfolding and enfolding. 

On this page I share some experiences through original artworks, thoughts on books and courses, and a blog with musings on topics such as the nervous system, setting intentions, setting healthy boundaries, self and co-regulation, and self compassion.


This voyage is about noticing (sometimes gently, sometimes clumsily) the feeling of being at home in myself.

I also share my experience with painting as a somatic healing process. Pausing to make marks on paper, to create textures with paint, to explore ideas with brush strokes, has the power to be a microcosm of our psychological and physical patterns. Painting can be a subtle practice of gently expanding our freedom to respond to life in the way we wish to.


Blog: Musings and inner dialogues

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Somatic Mark Making:
Sinking deeper into multiplicity and gentleness.
Mindful relaxation & dialoguing within.

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